by Jack Fussell on March 29, 2011

It’s something we’ve dreamed of for a long time…living in the city.  We’re finally getting settled in and the urge is there…the urge to walk the streets and simply shoot.  There’s no deadlines….no quota….no expectations.  So I throw on the chucks…maybe a scarf…..grab the camera and shoot.  Copenhagen is a city that wears it’s creativity on it’s sleeve.  Everywhere you look you see creativity…locally-designed furniture…art galleries…street musicians…photo studios…it’s everywhere.

So off I go…hoping to learn the city…embrace it’s beauty….meet the people and be inspired.  What about you? Do you ever just throw on the shoes, grab the camera and see what happens?



by Jack Fussell on March 24, 2011

Copenhagen is a world within a world.  Centuries old cobblestone streets find themselves running in front of modern Danish buildings.  Established bakeries share buildings with contemporary art galleries.  The city has opened up herself to a bike culture that allows nearly half of the population  to crowd her streets daily on their commutes.  The countless restaurants, bars and cafes offer havens of warmth, refreshment and community to those who call the city home.

We find ourselves as newcomers….learning her ways…her rules….her people….thankful to be able to embrace the city and call her home.


Wednesday words-David duChemin

by on March 15, 2011

Latin Quarter, Copenhagen Denmark

What is needed is an adaptive approach to creative processes, not an adoptive one. In the words of Bono – every poet is a cannibal, every artist is a thief. We all draw from sources outside ourselves. The challenge is in finding your own voice, in adapting elements, thoughts, processes – whatever – and not not in adopting them. One strips former things down, re-purposes them, combines them with parts from myriad other sources still, and takes us to a different place than when we started. The other just likes what he sees, gets “inspired”, steals the original idea, and makes it his own with a can of spray paint. One is creative, results in something new and comes from the in-spiration of many sources; the other is just imitation and while it might well be the first step in learning your craft, it won’t get you any further.

Can I be honest…this is a struggle for me.  I’ve only been actively engaging photography for two years…I’m still at the beginning of my journey.  I learn best by doing…not reading…so over the last two years I’ve spent countless hours on Flickr…being inspired and then copying.  The process has been invaluable….by deconstructing and re-shooting an image I’ve seen I’ve not only learned a ton but I’ve also learned what to ask…and what I don’t know.  I’ve enjoyed the process…and still learn from it….but it’s time to start adapting.

One of my goals is to truly engage photos that I see.  To take the time to reflect on what aspect of the photo speaks to me…the subject?….the processing?….the framing?…..the emotion?  I want to do more than imitate…I want to truly create photos that move me and move others….that tell a story.

quote by David duChemin


we’re moving

by Travelingmama on October 12, 2010

These are words that you might have come accustomed to hearing from our Tribe, but this time we are not traveling to a new country or even a new city.  Instead we are just moving all of our Traveling Tribe posts over to our newly merged blog: Flying House by Traveling Mama.  Now, before you think my Traveling Man has jumped ship, let me assure you that he is the magical glue that keeps these blogs afloat.  He works tirelessly behind the scenes with all the technical details… because all that were up to me these blogging ships would have sunk years ago!  He also contributes the greatest majority of the photos to both sites and we really wanted to free up more of his time to do what he loves the most: travel and take photos. And I get to do what I love… write my heart out and converse with friends from every corner of the globe!

So, we are simplifying things and at the same time combining our forces of creativity… which we like to think has always made us stronger.  Watch out world!  There is a new Flying House on the block!

But, wait, there is more!  I also wanted to let you know that our blog will still be here.  The archives, which truly feel like an old friend to us, will likely be referenced often and will remain for you to catch up on all the years of blogging from our Traveling Tribe.  We wouldn’t want a friend to feel as though she has not had a proper farewell, so we thought a little giveaway was in order.  To one lucky winner we are giving one gift, but you get to choose: a photo valuing up to $20 or a box of mixed craft supplies valuing at $20.  It’s pretty simple.  Go to the new Flying House by Traveling Mama blog and come back here and leave a comment.  For another chance to win, subscribe to the new Flying House by Traveling Mama blog and come back here to let us know in the comments.  For one more chance to win, make a purchase in either of our new shops, Flying House Studios or Handmade by Traveling Mama, and come back here to leave a comment.  We’ll announce the winner on Friday, October 15th.

So, tell us!  What do you think?


skipping class

by Travelingmama on October 6, 2010

Okay, so we did not actually skip class, but it feels a little bit like that since we do not have a shop 52 feature for the week.  If you follow along on Traveling Mama then you already know that we have been fighting literal mountains of boxes that arrived last week.  Seriously.  When our shipment arrived from Morocco on Wednesday it smelled so bad that every thing that could be washed went into the wash pile.  Everything was covered in a good inch of dust and there were a couple boxes with signs of mice which made us want to get through the boxes even faster!  If you ever want to hear my husband scream like a girl… let a mouse loose in the house.  I know this because we had one in our house in Morocco… but that is a very funny story for another day!  It was a little sad to open the first few boxes and see so many of the things that we bought in Morocco.  It really did bring me to tears to realize that those days are over and that we will not be going back to our home there.  At the same time, though, I realized that we are getting an amazing opportunity to start again, to recreate our home, and explore yet another amazing region of the world.  And that is not a bad deal at all, my friends!

On Thursday when our shipment arrived from the States we were pretty overwhelmed.  It quickly became apparent that our crate had been opened and not everything had gone back in plus it had either had a mighty good party along the way or had been dropped.  Between fighting the wall of laundry, the stinky boxes, and trying to figure out what we were missing… well, we did not get much sleep for a few days.  Thankfully things have settled back down and I am back to cooking dinners that do not come straight from a package… or the local fast food joint, which is so nice because we really cannot take more than a few days of that.

So, even though I haven’t been doing laundry in a turquoise washer, I thought I would share one of my favorite shots that my guy took a couple months ago.  I mean, seriously, if a girl is ever going to do laundry at a laundry mat don’t you think it should be totally cool like this place?

Next week we will just pick up where we left off with Shop 52 if that is okay?


Shop 52-eleven: Greibe & Kumari

by Travelingmama on September 29, 2010

Welcome to another week of our Shop 52 project.  We have seen so many different shops over these last ten weeks… everything from artsy handmade to ultra chic Parisian flea market to last week’s mouth watering cupcake shop.  This week we are taking a stroll through a very classy part of town known as Osterbro.  Though this shop is tucked away from the main shopping street of Osterbrogade, do not let that fool you into thinking that this shop is not worth getting a little off the beaten path.

The first time I walked into Greibe & Kumari I felt confused.  Didn’t the door just say that this was a second hand shop?  Seriously, I went and nonchalantly glanced back at the front window.  Okay, yes, I had read it right.   But as I glanced around at all the gorgeous clothing for women and children with designer labels I didn’t understand how that could be possible.   The sales clerk gave me some affirmation as she explained that the clothes were brought in on consignment, but only certain designer brands were accepted.

Well, that just perked me right up!  What a fantastic idea!  Brilliant, really!  Everything I saw looked like it had never been worn, but the prices were so affordable.  High fashion on a budget… now this is the kind of shop that can make a girl go weak at the knees!

What drew me in further was the beautiful attention to details.  The wood floors, the pretty baskets, and even the wallpaper beckoned to me to relax, stay a while, and enjoy the finer things of life… without the hefty price tag!

Sigh… isn’t it just lovely?  The light spilling in the window is so romantic…

The linens were set to charm even the littlest one to drift off to sleep…

Yes, it is shops like these that make the city of Copenhagen such a special place to live.  Even if you come for a short visit, I hope through Shop 52 you will have a long list of great locally owned small businesses that will fill your suitcases to the brim!


shop 52-week ten: Agnes Cupcakes

by Travelingmama on September 22, 2010

It started a couple months ago right after we arrived in Denmark.  A giant billboard announced the coming of a cupcake shop, Agnes Cupcakes, to be exact.  We went home immediately and looked up the website.  Hmph.  It looked like we were going to be waiting a while, but that did not keep us from guessing what wonderful treats would be coming our way eventually.  Fast forward to present time and this little gem is now open for business and we could not be happier!

This is the kind of shop that draws you in from the street.  Rows and rows of cupcakes beckon you to come in and try a bite… or two… or three!

The variety will drive you mad!  However are you suppose to narrow it down?  Lemon Meringue, dark chocolate, mint chocolate, blueberry…

Each one has it’s own appeal and while standing there it is hard to avoid drooling, which of course would be completely uncool so you pretend like you come into cupcake shops such as these every day… even though inside you want to jump up and down, clap your hands, and do a little happy cupcake dance!

The menu board does not help much, except to make you realize that you will now be stopping by every Tuesday for the mint chocolate cupcake and every Saturday as well.  We wouldn’t want to miss the cheesecake cupcake, right?

Do not be fooled by the empty stools because we snuck in very early.  We pass by this shop daily to take our boys to school so we can attest from many walk-by’s that unless you are an early riser you are likely to be fighting for a seat every time you come.  Malene, the shop manager, told me that they have been selling over 800 cupcakes a day and have only had one day so far in which they did not sell out.  Plans are under way for t-shirts and take home kits for baking your own Agnes Cupcakes, which I know my kids will insist on having!  I’m sure I will pretend to put up a fight, but do not be surprised if you see us all proudly wearing a cupcake t-shirt soon!

So, what is the very best part about being among the first to visit the coolest, hippest, newest shop in town?  Taste testing, of course!  We waited until our littlest was asleep to sneak away with the two older kids, which we felt fully justified in doing since he would, naturally, not even know what he was missing!  Which, ironically, left more for us!  Each bite was like a piece of home… sweet fluffy icing on a soft little bed of goodness.  Mmm hmmm! They were gone within a blink of an eye and yet we are all still talking about them.

Anyone want to go out for Agnes cupcakes?  I must warn you, though… if there is only one dark chocolate cupcake left I will totally be thumb wrestling you for it!



by Travelingmama on September 20, 2010

How do you begin a new day?  a new week?  a new adventure?  It seems like this is all we do… begin, begin, begin.  Some days we want to run and cover our heads and beg all the new things to give us a break… but mostly, we embrace them with excitement and anticipation.  Something is waiting for us on the other side and all we have to do is… begin.

PS Thank you all so much for your feedback regarding the possible blog merge.  Perhaps it is time to begin a new chapter of our blogging adventures as well?


dear bedroom, I love you

by Travelingmama on September 15, 2010

I would be so happy if our bedroom looked like this, but instead it looks a little more like this:

which is why, sadly, we do not have a Shop to feature this week for our Shop 52 project.  We plan on picking up right where we left off next week, though.  In the meantime we need your help!  We would like to know how you all would feel about finding our Traveling Tribe in one location rather than being divided between here and Traveling Mama.  Do you read one blog or both?  How would you feel if we blended the content of the two into one totally awesome place?  Or do you like things just as they are?

First photo: first seen on Made by Girl via Style at Home


being still amidst chaos

by Travelingmama on September 10, 2010

The last week has been a bit chaotic.  It took five million trips to IKEA to finally get our closet and bookshelf right (and yes, I am only mildly exaggerating) but we have also found quiet moments like these when we are filled with unending gratitude for our new place.  It is starting to feel like home a little more every day.  We are looking forward to a weekend full of projects around our flat, but the biggest is going to be painting.  Although it KILLS us to paint over someone else’s art, our land lords have assured us that they are okay with it.  If only I could transport these walls straight to my mom’s master bedroom which is kind of a shrine to all things Greek… we Greeks tend to be very proud of our heritage, you know!  But since that is not possible, we will say a little prayer and bid these walls farewell…

We thought you all might enjoy a glimpse of our IKEA mess.  Thankfully the boxes are gone and in their place are some pretty shelves that we will share with you just as soon as we finish painting.  So, what about you?  What do you have planned for the weekend?  Anyone want to pop over for a painting party?  We’ve been known to repay with a tex-mex feast!

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